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Why is it important to learn to program?

Programming is a fundamental tool in the world we live in, becoming an important job opportunity. Also, their learning is an opportunity to improve formal logical reasoning.

The software industry has prevailed over all others, from the most advanced sciences to the most everyday task. Year after year, thousands of programming jobs are vacant, making the programmer one of the most valued human resources in the entire industry. But this is not the only factor why learning to code is important.

Learning to program stimulates perseverance, dedication, effort and tenacity; This builds confidence and persistence in children, youth and adults that allow them to face new challenges and problems in all areas of life.

Programming is about using our creativity and ingenuity to solve problems and automate tasks with the help of a computer. In other words, programming tries to understand, build and modify software, which is present in thousands of devices today.

Programming became a fundamental activity in many fields and the need for programmers around the world has never been higher. Every year thousands of new programming jobs are created in our country alone, and it is estimated that by 2020 in the United States alone, more than 1 million jobs related to software development will remain vacant.

Learning to program is learning to think. Programming allows you to exercise other skills that serve all areas of your life, such as improving formal logical reasoning and enhancing the ability to solve problems.

Understanding that people who learn to program will be better prepared to live in today’s world, the Ministry of Science and Technology promotes the initiatives of Programmers 3.0, Mini programmers 3.0 and Megaprogramadores 3.0, where more than 21 thousand San Luis residents already participate. Those who are interested in learning about the world of programming, both to maximize their chances of employment and to enhance their skills, can explore HMS global solutions and begin to be part of the software revolution.


Today, technology occupies a very important place in our lives, which is why careers such as web development are so popular with young people seeking to pursue their professional studies. For this reason, we want to share 8 reasons to learn to program:

  1. The first reason is something that we can notice in our daily lives; the technological world is in constant development and this allows the future of programmers or web developers to be very promising.
  2. Learning to program will open many doors for you, since the labour demand that is generated as a result of this technological growth is increasingly high,therefore, as a programmer you will have many job proposals.
  3. Web development or programming is one of the best-paid careers globally, as technology advances rapidly and day by day companies feel more the need to have a professional who meets this profile in their work teams.
  4. Programming has many interesting branches in which you can work, each of them with the same high labour demand, which means that, as a programmer, you will not lack work; You might even think about creating your own application, website or software.
  5. Another reason to learn to program is that it will motivate you to create new things because, with very basic knowledge, you could turn an idea into a great technological project. As Mark Zuckerberg put it, “Programming allows you to create something totally new from scratch.” An advantage that only a few professions in the world give you!
  6. A sixth reason is that being a programmer will allow you to exploit your creative abilities and exercise your brain to the fullest, thinking logically.
  7. On many occasions, being a programer allows you to work from the comfort of your home. You must be clear that this depends on the company to which you provide your services. If your employer is flexible with the working hours and workplace, this will allow you to perform your duties from home, and you could even have more than one employment contract, that is, work as a programmer in several companies, which means that your income they will be even higher.
  8. Another reason we want to share with you is that once you learn to program, you will have the ability to understand and understand how your computer works inside.

Do you want to learn to program?

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