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What is Chemotherapy? Side Effects (Hair Loss in Chemotherapy)

Chemotherapy means drug therapy in cancer treatment. It is the term used for treatment using cancer drugs that mostly affect cancer cells. The drugs used for this are also called “anticancer” drugs. The goals of chemotherapy may differ according to the type of cancer.

The main purposes:

  • To treat cancer.
  • Cancer is considered treated when the traces of cancer cells are completely removed.
  • Controlling cancer.
  • To prevent the spread of cancer in general and to slow its growth. It is accepted as keeping cancer under control.
  • To eliminate the symptoms caused by cancer. The main purpose of some chemotherapy applications is to increase the quality of life of the patient. It is to eliminate or relieve pain and similar symptoms.
  • It may not always be possible for chemotherapy drugs to provide the desired benefit. If cancer tumours cannot be eliminated by treatment or if treatment is delayed, cancer cells can spread through the blood vessels or lymph. In this case, the condition called metastasis (spread) occurs.

We want to ease your burden with New Hair during the disease and treatment processes. Like the New Hair family, we are always with you. Do not forget that hair loss is a temporary side effect in chemotherapy treatment.

Is Hair Prosthesis a Wig?

Although wigs can be considered as the primitive ancestor of hair prosthesis, the answer to the question is unquestionable “no”. There are big differences between wigs and prosthetic hair: It is not possible to provide a natural look with headband wigs, whereas the results obtained with new generation hair prostheses are extraordinarily natural.

  1. Wigs are prepared as a standard to meet the general expectations, and the hair prosthesis is personal. No preliminary preparation is made for wigs, and details such as head shape and size, hair type and colour, scalp characteristics and hair growth direction in hair prosthesis are examined with special devices. The prosthesis is produced individually following this preliminary work.
  2. Synthetic material is used in the wig to keep the price low, quality hair prosthesis is produced from 100% real hair.
  3. Thewig is immediately apparent due to the poor quality and rough structure of the material used, nobody can distinguish the hair prosthesis from natural hair.
  4. Thewig is put on the head and can come off at any time. Hair prosthesis is fixed to the head with medical tape or solutions and can be used safely.
  5. Wigs are not hygienic due to the poor quality of the materials used in their production. Quality hair prosthesis provides maximum hygiene with its air and water permeable structure and anti-allergic properties.
  6. The wig is heavy due to the poor quality of the material; it always makes itself felt. Quality hair prosthesis is extremely light, makes you forget and is comfortable to use.
  7. The wig is used as purchased. Hair prosthesis is cut, scanned and designed according to the user’s expectations and face shape by expert hairdressers.

If all the differences are mentioned, the pages may be filled with unnecessary information. The most important thing to note is that there is little difference between some “ordinary prosthetics” and wigs sold in the market. Remembering the above points, you can avoid the misfortune of getting a wig-quality hair prosthesis. If you still want to go with the cheaper version, there are reputed brands offering wigs for women at a very reasonable price cutting out most of the common problems people aced with a wig.

Pros of Hair prosthesis

No instrument is needed

It is one of the significant benefits of wigs that no medical procedure is required to wear a wig. As medical practice may increase the chance of infections, scarring, and other hair concerns. Even no pain is involved while you are tieing a wig around your head.

Not a single side effect

As no surgical procedure is involved, hence no side effect is faced by those who go for wigs due to hair loss. Sometimes, if using low-quality tape to paste the wig on the head, allergies can occur. But again, best for people who do not want to bear the pain of surgery

The cons of Hair prosthesis

Maintenance is required

Even though there is no risk in wearing a wig, still maintenance is needed. Since the lifespan of wigs are not like your natural hair, you need to take proper care of it. As it may lose its lustre before its lifespan and it may become sometimes hectic to manage your wigs.

Purchasing frequently

If you are going for hair prosthesis, then it cannot be considered as a one-time investment plan. Doesnt matters how high quality your wig has, but it can last upto 3-5 months irrespective of the care you are taking of it. And there comes a need of -purchasing a new one.

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