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Vacheron Constantin: The Brand Worthy to Be On Your Wrist

Vacheron Constantin: The Brand Worthy to Be On Your Wrist

A watch naïve asked at an auction department – which watch brand offers the best value today? The straightforward answer was Vacheron Constantin. 

Every luxury watch enthusiast is likely to have a substantial number of treasured possessions, including a Vacheron Constantin watch. Whether modern or vintage, Vacheron Constantin watches epitomise an excellent investment in design, artistry, complications and heritage. These watches display more than an hour of a day. 

While they represent stories, family bonds and relationships, they are typically passed from one generation to another. Thus, a Vacheron Constantin watch is regarded as more dear and valuable than any other precious possession.

Vacheron Constantin is highly regarded in the luxury watch world because of their creative artistry, classic designs and ability to do more than merely keeping a day organised. If your watch collection does not yet include a Vacheron Constantin, here are the reasons why you should get it in your collection soon. 

Vacheron Constantin is the world’s longest-running watch brand

Vacheron Constantin established in 1755, and it is continuing to awe the luxury watch industry to date. With its novel intent of creating avant-garde watches and high-end technicalities, the brand cemented its position among Switzerland’s best watchmakers. 

So owning a Vacheron Constantin watch means that you are a part of its nearly 263 years of illustrious Haute horology history. Moreover, this brand’s timepiece is an investment destined to be a popular name with an excellent resale value for many more years to come. 

It has made some of the most complicated timepieces

The rich and record-breaking legacy of Vacheron Constantin in creating intricate timepieces has appealed to watch collectors globally. Within 15years of its establishment in 1755, Vacheron Constantin started making complicated watches. However, by the beginning of the 20th century, the brand earned the fame of a leading complicated watchmaker out there. Eventually, it attracted the most significant collectors’ attention, like King Fuad I. 

In fact, Christie’s sold a Vacheron Constantin watch in 2011 for a staggering sum of £1.22 million. It is known to be one of the most complicated timepieces of that era, and Packard automobile’s James Ward Packard commissioned in 1918.

However, the Vacheron Constantin Tour de’Ilede’Ile is the most complicated wristwatch ever produced in the world in more recent times. In 2005, VC made this watch only in seven examples to commemorate the brand’s 250th anniversary. 

Another complicated Vacheron Constantin timepiece is the Reference 57260. The watchmaker unveiled the watch in 2015, equipping it with 57 complications that raise modern watchmaking standards.

Vacheron Constantin is experts on underrated designs

You will never find an ungraceful Vacheron Constantin watch. The watchmaker typically does not cover its timepieces in colourful gemstones, exhibiting flamboyantly. The designs never exaggerate and pretentiously manifest their presence in the watch industry. Yes, the brand is pretty confident in its engineering and design. 

However, the brand’s cases, dials as well as movements acquire reverence for their variation and inventiveness. 

It maintains the highest level of finishing in the watch industry

Vacheron Constantin maintains an incredibly high level of finishing while creating every single watch. Every component that the watchmaker uses to design its timepieces is circular-grained, mirror-polished and finished to perfection. 

A Vacheron Constantin watch offers excellent value

You can find a vintage Vacheron Constantin watch at a price that is less than half the cost of an equivalent Patek Philippe, another leading watchmaker. Take, for example, Reference 4072. This Vacheron Constantin chronograph is priced at nearly £14289 at auction than its closest Patek Philippe equivalent that cost two to three times more or as much. 

However, Vacheron Constantin created only 1178 examples of the Reference 4072. The significant fact to note is that vintage models of this brand have much appreciated in recent years, and the market of the brand’s exclusive watches is fostering. 

If you invest in a Vacheron Constantin watch today, your timepiece is only likely to appreciate with time.  

It buys old watches and brings them back to life

The exciting fact is that Vacheron Constantin repurchases their old models from the auction and professionally revamps them to a too high standard. Then, they resale the refurbished timepieces with a two-year guarantee.

However, what’s worth mentioning is that Vacheron Constantin offers a high level of customer after-care service. If you face any issues with your VC watch or it just needs a periodical service, expert watchmakers at Vacheron Constantin will provide all the attention and esteem your timepiece deserves.

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