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Stay Cool Waiting for Your AC to Arrive

Stay Cool Waiting for Your AC to Arrive

You can find the best prices by shopping for an Air Conditioner Online, but the convenience of saving time and money means you’ll have to wait for it to get delivered. If you planned ahead and purchased it before it got hot out, you won’t have much to worry about. However, even with the quick delivery times of today’s online shopping, you’ll still have at least a day or two before it arrives. With such a short period of time, it makes sense to utilize a few easy tips rather than staying in a hotel or dropping money on a temporary solution.

Cooling Bedding

There are pillows and sheets that are designed to cool down bodies. Breathable materials are key when it comes to summer slumber. Further, there are pillows on the market that utilize gel technology to actively cool the person as they drift off. The materials absorb the heat from their face and head, making it a whole lot easier to get to sleep. You can also freeze your sheets for a particularly hot day. Don’t just put the sheets into the freezer. Instead, put them into a plastic bag and then place it in the freezer for a few hours before bedtime.

Remove Direct Sunlight

Sunlight adds a ton of heat into a home. If you are leaving for the day, the blinds and curtains should be drawn to avoid overheating. This will help significantly lower the temperature you come home to, leading to a much easier time getting to sleep that night. Insulated curtains can also help keep more heat out than just the heat created by the sunlight. These curtains utilize foam to work as insulation and to dissipate any heat, leading to decreased temperatures inside.

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A good fan will create movement of air throughout the house. Ceiling and floor fans are low-cost ways to get better breezes through a home to increase comfort. Window fans can be used similar to an air conditioning unit. One fan can push air out of the house while one pushes air in. This will help get the heat that has already been created out of the building while also bringing cooler air inside. Further, the two working simultaneously against one another will make a ton of air movement, which will improve the stagnant heat of any home.


Being hydrated is already emphasized during summer when we all sweat more than we feel like we could consume. However, drinking water also cools the body down. For one, the heart is forced to work harder when a person is not properly hydrated. When any organ, let alone the heart, is forced to work harder, it uses more energy and creates heat. Cool water will bring down your body temperature while properly hydrating the body to avoid excess heat.

Wet Cloths

Soaking a cloth and putting it around the neck is a cooling technique that has been used for decades. Applying a damp towel or cloth to any part of your body that is overheated can help bring down your temperature. This is especially effective when you have fans on since the artificial wind hitting the water on your skin will drop your temperature even further.

Don’t wait until you have to sweat out a couple hot days to order your air conditioner online. At Budget Air Supply, there are replacement parts and units to fit any need. Be sure to check your air conditioner soon while the temperatures are lower and order the unit or part you need from Budget Air Supply to avoid trying to handle the heat with fans and wet cloths.

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