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Sign Design: Innovative & Effectual

Sign Design: Innovative & Effectual

A lot keeps changing in the design world all the time. This industry is always evolving and works hard to keep up with changing consumer trends. Some designs are so powerful they begin to sweep the design world much like Nike’s. Creativity and innovation is the key to building new designs. In the signage design world, things are not much different. 

Sign Design

Sign designers not only play with colors and illustrations they also have the benefit of playing with new types of materials. They work towards making cutting-edge signs that have the power to impress the market.

Everyone in the sign design world has to be sensitive to the changing trends and incorporate them into their new creations. In the past, more focus was on the logo as it sets brands apart from others. Today, brands think beyond the logo and try to build a broader and all-inclusive identity. Companies now strive to create an impactful brand identity system that speaks more about the brand than the logo does.  These days, besides a logo, the signage system, business cards, company website, and social media presence are also part of brand identity. Those who have products to sell focus on the packaging design which is made to jump off the shelves. For branding purposes, big brands are creating custom fonts to differentiate themselves.

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At retail stores, malls, universities, and hospital campuses more emphasis is paid to sign design. The brand pays attention to how their interiors and exterior signage system works. The ineffectual signage systems are revamped. Traffic to the store can be increased when effective wayfinding systems are in place.   On any campus, the movement of guests and cars can be guided to avoid confusion. Visitors to the place can find their destination in time and build a high level of trust in the brand. 

In terms of signage, offices have a lot of options. They can use the floor graphics, glass decals and glass signage, and interior signage with graphics. At the events and expos, they prefer to use large digital displays to show their graphics. These interior signs serve many purposes for customers and employees. The use of identification boards outside the office divides work roles. They help them find their way around the offices and help navigate the disabled individuals. Workplaces get more employee-friendly while the brand identity gets reinforced.  

External signs give you more visibility. Well made banners and posters are the most affordable way of increasing brand awareness. Many companies like to use the LED signs and for these signs, the fonts have to be custom made.  LED signs can be arranged and positioned in many ways and when lit they can be seen from far. They can have a neon effect or metal facing or a wood effect.

A big part of the design community depends on the formula-based approach. There are some companies that like to take the risks in design to bring their brand back into life. They introduce a bit of playfulness and personality in their design.  Brands like Uber, Dropbox, and Welly like many others play with colors, animations, and new ideas to create powerful brand messages. Visual Communications is an award-winning sign design company that creates unique and effectual designs for all types of businesses. 

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