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5 Reasons You Need to Save Your Word File as PDF

Do you usually use word processing programs such as MS Word or Google Docs? Did you know that there is a better way for you to preserve the contents of your documents? And will enable you to browse them more efficiently? Professionals and students use Word documents often for many purposes. You can use it for creating confidential contracts and paper works, or it can be for research projects and a compilation of references.

What most people do not know is that there is a more efficient way to manage these types of documents. In this article, we will discuss various reasons how you can do it with the help of Gogopdf. It is a web-based platform that allows you to perform different types of PDF maintenance and modification.

  • It is easy to convert from a Word to a PDF file

Once you have finalized your word document, you can convert it to a more permanent file. With Gogopdf, you can easily convert Word to PDF in as quick as 2 minutes. Some people may not consider using PDF thinking that it may take a lot of effort to do it. However, that is a misconception. There’s a fast and convenient way to make the conversion.

All you need to do is visit Gogopdf and follow four simple steps. You will not be required to download or install anything on the computer to get the job done. Moreover, it is not required to create an account for minimal conversions. 

  • PDF is a universal file

One of the unfortunate things that you may encounter with word document files is compatibility issues. Most like, if you are using an old version of the software, the appearance and the features may not be the same as the new one. The same goes with using the latest version versus an old one. To make sure that all your recipients will have access to the document, you can utilize PDF.

In addition to that, PDF is also compatible with mobile devices. It can easily be viewed regardless if you are using a smartphone or a tablet. It will be easier for you to review a contract wherever you may be.

  • You can secure a PDF Document

Another best feature of PDF is its security. There are two ways for you to secure a PDF file. The first is to encrypt your PDF with a password. Once you do this, only those who have access to your password can view your document. The second option is to limit the access of the file specific users only. There’s a setting in PDF where you can list down an email address of authorized persons to view the file.

This particular setting is applicable for businesses who usually send out confidential information such as contracts, invoices, and the like. However, students can also use this if they want their school project to be visible only to their professors.

  • It has a variety of features

With PDF, it will be like your browsing through a real book, but with a few tech enhancements. As a reader, you can highlight some texts on the PDF. It’s also best to use it when you want to emphasize specific content in the document. 

Another feature is the “search” function. PDF, just like other document file types, are also searchable. You don’t need to read through the entire document to search for the information that you need.

Hyperlinks also work on PDF files. As a creator, if you included a hyperlink in the PDF document, the reader can just click on the link and will automatically be redirected to the website.

  • PDF keeps the same formatting

If you are worried about the overall aesthetic of your documents such as keeping the font style and formatting, you should save it as a PDF. Upon conversion, the document file will keep all the appearance as it is on your word file. You don’t need to think if the recipient will have the same font installed on their computer. PDF will make sure that it will look exactly how you want it to look.

Convert Word to PDF Using Gogopdf

Ready to make the most out of your word document? Visit Gogopdf to learn more about the different ways you can manage and modify your PDF files. Bookmark this website for easy access! 

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