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What Is Sap Certification?

Sap Certification

SAP certification refers to an array of credentials which demonstrate proficiency in the SAP software architecture. There are essentially three SAP certification levels, each student have to complete before they can become an eligible candidate for the exam:

Specialist: This is the highest level of certification in the market, this is achieved by passing the most important benchmarking exams for the SAP architecture. It also takes three years of course work at the University to achieve a Specialist SAP holder. In order to become a specialist, candidates must be proficient in the following technologies: ERP, NAV, SL, Java, XML, Java ROR, MRP, JMS, MQSeries, GUI, ACT, SQL, web and non-web based application development, scripting and VBA. As well as this, experts must have a thorough understanding of the SAP product, its components and functions, the underlying database and integration with the applications.

Specialist certification, on the other hand, is for those candidates who possess some skills but do not possess the knowledge and experience for the exam. To attain this certification, candidates must study for up to two years at the university before they can apply to the exam. Some colleges and universities will waive the course fees if you can prove that you are an eligible student for the certification exam. Furthermore, the candidate may have to prove that they possess five or more years of hands-on skills using the SAP products. Candidates who have worked as SAP consultants may also take advantage of this option.

Specialist certification can be further subdivided into six different groups: Systems integrator, consulting professionals, business builders, information security specialists, consultants and system designers. The most important aspect about the certification is that it is meant for end-users. The exam conducted by some colleges and universities is very comprehensive and includes a set of written exams, a hands-on test and a vendor survey. Once the candidate passes the examination he will receive the SAP CERTIFICATION. It will serve as a proof that the candidate has a good understanding of the software and he can easily solve problems associated with it.

The certification exams are usually based on a particular module and the topics covered include the following: SAP architecture, SAP design and SAP deployment. Usually, the topics are taught through screen shots and demo scenarios. Some of the topics may even be real life situations from real projects. Generally, candidates who successfully complete the exam are given an exclusive six-month membership in the cloud community. During the period, they are provided with training materials and they are allowed to use the open source tools provided by the community.

IT recruitment agencies often advise their clients to get certified so that they are able to get better jobs. There are many advantages of getting your SAP CERTIFICATION certificate. It increases your chances of getting a job and enhances your skills. However, it is always important to do your own research to find out what the requirements are and what the different exams are like. SAP CERTIFICATION is one of the best ways of proving to your prospective employers that you have the technical skills required to perform a particular job and do it well.

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