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The Relation Between Topic Clusters and SEO

Do you wish to increase the number of visitors to your website?


Do you wish to create content that engages readers consistently?

Perhaps you can consider internal linking and topic clustering to do the job!

Before reading in-depth about how linking and clustering can boost SEO rankings, let’s try to understand what these terms mean –

Links are the connections from one page to another page of the same or different website. Depending on the web pages and domain, they can be external or internal. In contrast, topic clustering is the process of grouping similar kinds of articles or blogs and using links to connect them. Therefore, relationships are the medium of connecting different clusters.

How is topic clustering and SEO related? How does the process work?

The process:

Generally, when you create an article on a particular topic and use internal links to connect those articles, you land up, creating a topic cluster gradually. When a reader browses through those articles on a particular topic, he entangles himself by clicking on those links and reading similar articles for better ideas.

The three steps involved in topic clustering are:

  1. Creation

This step involves creating quality content and backlinks, which can be either internal or external. The creation of content can consume a massive amount of time because you need to consider many factors before choosing SEO related keywords.

  • Organization

After creating the content, you need to group the posts or articles to different tiers. For instance, tier 1 will represent the most popular posts or that are responsible for traffic conversion. Similarly, tier 2 includes those pages that receive less customer attention compared to tier 1.

  • Strategic distribution

After creating and dividing the content to tiers, links are strategically distributed. For instance,- tier 1 articles include those links, which have the highest chance of clicks. The process of strategic distribution followed to enhance and promote the content!

Readers form an interest while reading similar articles.

It becomes possible to ensure maximum profit margins.

Pro tip- Try to use anchor text and schema markups in your posts or articles. These help the search engines in reading and interpreting your content quickly.

How topic clustering and linking can help in good SEO ranking?

  1. Better audience engagement

When you group the topics and create good SEO content, it is an obvious fact that audiences will be more interested in reading about those topics in depth. So the engagement cycle continues!

  1. Better profit margins

When you have a better audience engagement, you will have better chances of increasing your profit scale that is beneficial for your business.

  • Better research

You cannot write about a topic unless you do good research about it over the internet. You can create good content after referring to genuine resources. You can certainly improve your skills in doing better research while creating a topic cluster because you get a chance to come across many different subjects.

  • Better organization

An excellent and strategic organization of SEO related content can positively promote blogs and articles. When you have an organized website, customers prefer to visit it regularly.

  • Better management

Managing a website and its content is a hectic process, but if you apply simple techniques of organizing the topics, it can ensure better management. All of us know that “the better the organization of topics, the more effective your website management process is.”

  • Better search navigation

It becomes more accessible for the users to navigate and search across websites for related topic details once you provide them with associated backlinks.

  • Better ranking and page authority

Once you form topic clusters and add relevant links to related sources, the search engines give you a good rank and page authority.

  • Better content ideas

Once you start topic clustering and internal linking, your content quality improves gradually, and ideas flow in when you start referring from different sources.

  • Better SEO trends

When you use SEO oriented keywords in your content, you attract more customers and become a contributor to the increasing SEO trends. Finding SEO related keywords is not an easy task, but these days, there are many SEO tools available to help you do this job with ease.

  • Better search engine recognition

When you start linking topic clusters on your website, it becomes easier for search engines to interpret the concept of niche and promote it. Once a user comes across your website through search engines, there are many chances that he might become an indirect promoter of your website.


Using topic clusters to promote your content can be a tough task.

Thanks to the SEO professionals and growing companies who offer affordable SEO packages (creating topic clusters and backlinks, etc.), they are accompanied by free resources to score a better rank in the search engines.

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