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Quickbooks error 1328


QuickBooks computer is an extensively set up software on home windows working systems used by accountants, entrepreneurs, and SMEs. The application simplifies accounting strategies to a big volume and is widely known for its simplicity and practicality especially for people without technical knowledge. But, it is when humans see the errors that QuickBooks laptop throws that baffles many such customers. Contact Quickbooks Support for any error in Quickbooks. We will explore in detail the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks error 1328 alongside the answers to resolve the error.

What is the cause of QuickBooks error 1328?

QuickBooks error 1328 occurs whilst there is some mismatch during the configuration manner. Commonly, it’s far an update error caused by the. Tmp files inside the config.Msi folder. There some examples below:

  • Down load difficulty with QuickBooks.
  • Damaged or corrupted software documents.
  • Community connectivity troubles.
  • Issues with the computer.
  • Unsuitable set up files.
  • Invalid entries in windows.
  • Laptop suffering from a malicious assault.

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What Are the signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error 1328?

QuickBooks error is observed via an error message in a pop-up that might examine something like ‘error updating record C;Config.MsiPTXXXX.Tmp. Underneath are a number of the signs and symptoms that are probably observed with the error code.

  • Incapacity to restore, update, or uninstall QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks software would possibly hang and now not open.
  • The operating device slows down and turns into unresponsive.

How to restore QuickBooks error 1328?

Step 1: test for home windows Updates

Like several other applications, the updates for QuickBooks computer work optimally when windows additives like MSXML, Microsoft .Internet Framework, and C++ function as designed.

  • Press the begin button at the keyboard and enter the “home windows update” within the seek box.
  • Hit the “home windows update” icon at the search effects.
  • “Examine for modernizing” need to be clicked for more update
  • Restart the pc if there are any updates and check if the error continues to be visible.

Step 2: Rename Hidden documents and Folders

Documents inside the config.Msi hidden folder have often been observed to reason QuickBooks error 1328. Virtually changing the name would possibly remedy the issue.

  1. Navigate to C: pressure and click on tools.
  2. Open the Folder alternatives and uncheck the option ‘cover blanketed operating gadget files’ within the View section.
  3. Append .Vintage to the prevailing gadgets, i.E Config.Msi.Old.
  4. Disguise the folders and restart the device.
  5. Strive to launch QuickBooks computing device to see if the error persists.

Step 3: Run an SFC tool

Occasionally, certain windows files may get corrupted due to troubles like mistaken shutdown procedures or malware. Strolling the gadget record Checker utility may restore those corrupted working machine documents.

  • Run an experiment with the anti-virus system.
  • Use a registry repair device to make sure that home windows registry entries aren’t damages.
  • Take away unnecessary documents and drivers.
  • Try reopening the QuickBooks utility.
  • Strive home windows repair to roll lower back latest adjustments in case you preserve to see the error.

You may almost rule out issues with windows if the error persists. Look for troubles with QuickBooks.

Step 4: Run the QuickBooks deploy Diagnostic tool

The QuickBooks set up the Diagnostic tool mechanically detects troubles that would have evolved throughout the installation technique and repairs them. Jogging the device is the very best way of fixing set up errors.

  • Download and set up the QuickBooks tool Hub.
  • Run the utility and click set up troubles.
  • Click on QuickBooks to set up the Diagnostic tool and run an experiment.
  • Make sure that the ultra-modern windows updates are to be had at the system.
  • Restart the pc and relaunch the QuickBooks software.

Step 5: Repairing QuickBooks 

QuickBooks replace error 1328 is probably fixed with the aid of repairing the windows set up procedure.

  • Navigate to applications and functions on the windows manipulate Panel and look for QuickBooks within the listing.
  • Use the uninstall/ exchange option and select repair.
  • Apply the modifications and restart QuickBooks.

If the restore isn’t always a success, you want to reinstall QuickBooks.

Step 6: performing QuickBooks clean installation

Unlike an ordinary uninstall and reinstall wherein sure files will be saved within the machine for later use. a QuickBooks smooth deploy entails deleting all of the documents and installing the software program once more. Perform this best when the replace of characteristic and error solving doesn’t paintings after normal reinstall.

  • Attempt uninstalling QuickBooks.
  • Click on set up issues at the QuickBooks tools Hub.
  • Choose an easy setup device and add the QuickBooks model and product model details.
  • Check if the set up persists.


If not one of the above steps repairs QuickBooks error 1328, the problem might be an awful lot extra deeply rooted. It’d even require programming information of Quickbooks support expert to clear up the problem.

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