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Everything You Need to Know About OgyMogy Android Spy App

Androids are part of our lives now. One can not imagine an hour without them.We have this habit of constantly checking on our smartphones. Smartphones are not just the replacement of landlines but they are the replacement of every basic luxury one can have. For example, they have replaced cameras,  can be used as a data storage device, can be a classroom or you can watch a movie on your smartphone. Hence it has given us so much power with so many attractions that we can not imagine its absence from our lives. With so many luxurious benefits comes along hazards. Excessive use of anything is bad and this rule is applicable in this scenario too thus the excessive use of cell phones in our daily routine is hazardous and more dangerous.

Android app is a monitoring app and has so many features. You just have to select the desired package and then install the app on the target phone. You need physical access for the installation purpose. After that, you will be reported about all the activities of the specific smartphone.OgyMogy offers so many features you can simply enjoy the desired package and be worry-free. It offers two kinds of software s supported by windows as well as mac. Along with that it also offers android spy app that can be used in the cell phone of the target person.

Secure Your Smartphone And Data:

Android app has so many features that allow you to keep your data and phone safe and secure. You can easily make the online backup of all the data saved on your phone thus in case of any data deletion your data will be safe and can be easily recovered through OgyMogy. The data can be either photos or videos or any other media file. With OgyMogy mobile tracker you can easily track your phone in case it has been lost or snatched. If you have installed the OgyMogy app on the phone you can simply have access to its online control panel thus can track the exact real-time location of the lost device on Google Maps through GPS tracker. You can also use the android app to manage your contact list. Thus you can clone one device and shift all the contacts present in the device into another. This feature also allows you to recover all the contacts of the lost phone.

Keep An Eye On Your Teen:

One of the Major and Basic purposes of OgyMogy software is to build a spy app for all the worried parents who want to keep an eye on their children. Parents who want to make sure the child’s safety both online and in real life can get  OgyMogy and make their lives stress free.OgyMogy offers a lot of features that can help you monitor your daily life routine most smartly. For e.g

  • You can control their screen time using screen recording app. This will let you know about all their activities on the screen
  • You can track their real-time location using GPS tracker of OgyMogy software.
  • You can monitor their call and SMS records.OgyMogy also allows you to hear the recorder calls thus you can listen to the conversation and discussions and know about their company. You can track any new entries in the logbook as well.
  • You can track their social media activities through the Facebook spy app, Viber, Whatsaap, Twitter, Skype spy app, and many more. Thus make sure no one is bullying or stalking your child online.

Monitor Your Employee’s Activities:

Employers can use OgyMogy to monitor their employees’ activities inside and outside the workplace. An efficient monitoring system can help the employer to boost the abilities and productivity of his or her employees and organization.  

  • You can track their emails and all the communication to make sure they are not sharing any confidential documents or media files with others.
  • You can track their activities in office in working hours by spying on them through their cameras and hearing their real-time conversation using the Live surrounding feature of the OgyMogy app.
  • Make sure employees are not wasting their time on useless browsing on the internet. Thus keep an eye on all the visited websites through tracking the internet browsing history feature of the app. You can also check the bookmarked sites as well.
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