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Is It Safe To Keep My Laptop Charging All The Time?

Is it really safe?

The most asked question from all of the beginners and its normal at the same time they are very curious as well.


If they are going to any laptop shop and friends as well they have their own opinion and this is pretty confusing, some of the people believe in charging while using and on the other side some of the users are not comfortable using their laptops because they have meth about battery lifespan.

The big question is what will be the right answer? Lets breakdown one by one !!

Can we are using a laptop with charging all the time?

The answer is, yes we can use the laptops while charging and this is safe if are not using not that much heavy usage. Laptop batteries can easily adjust with lite usage. Because we should know about batteries’ facts, most of the companies using lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer in some premium segment you can get Best Laptop Under 40k in India. so they are with 500 to 600 life circle about 2.5 to 3 years. one life circle can be completed when 100 to 0 is the status of your device’s battery according to researchers.

If battery is showing 100% charging done can we use?

If your laptop battery shows 100% charging done you can use safely without having any tension-related laptops damages. Because nowadays laptops come with auto cut function, and we can call it life safer feature as well. You might be seen within 35min your device charging near about 80% and then it’s struggling to full fill the next 20% and it might have to take the next 30min because of bad buttery usage its cant caught votes properly.

Things to consider, if you working with charging all-day

  • We should always use our laptop battery properly and then charge your laptop, its province damages of our laptop batteries.
  • Always plug-in the jack first in laptop and then plugin in your electric bord, that’s how we can use safely our charger otherwise there is the most chance to damage our charger.
  • Especially we can see in the window laptop there is option battery saver mode so we should always keep it on if you want to increase your laptop battery life.
  • When you are using the best laptop with charger and heavy software make sure you should not in any hot area keed it ventilate.
  • Make sure you are using company preferred chargers otherwise in many cases laptop chargers might burst, so keep your security in the first position.
  • If your laptop cant charge 90 to 100% in 2 to 3 hr and giving unwanted heat, we recommended to visite the technician in nearby you. Because it a symptom of a big problem it can damage your hole computer.
  • Make sure you have enough RAM in your system otherwise it can eat your all batteries energy in a few minutes.
  • Always keep using down screen brightness for a better life on your computer.
  • Replace SSD with HDD in your laptop, it works like a charm when comes laptop batteries matter.
  • Always unplugged extra accessories because they consume a huge battery in a few times.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you don’t use those things, it’s not recommended
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