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How To Increase Organic Traffic on Your Mobile App

The mobile app word is on everyone’s mouth. Mobile apps are an essential part of our life. We cannot do any digital work without mobile apps. Even small retail business now want their business online. To get traffic on your mobile app, you need planning. But mostly businessmen forget to do the planning for how to reach potential users. Potential users easily engaged with your app and also recommend others through word of mouth.

Reaching to potential users is important because only that you will get traffic on your mobile app. Your app success is defined by the total visitors you get on your app. But visitors cannot be captivated easily. You have to write some great content, quality, uniqueness, and need to work under the privacy and policies of Google. Google policies really affect your app performance so always work under its guidelines. As there are security issues in the app development business.

Google crawls those content that is highly personalized and close to the user query. So before developing your app, understand what values you are giving. The value you give through your app should be problem-solving, high quality, and timely delivery. There are so many articles and app development company in Kuwait on the internet on how to increase traffic but in this article, we will tell how you can get more and more traffic on your mobile app with some tips and tricks :

What is Meant by Organic Traffic?

The traffic which you get on your app or website without paid advertising. Such traffic comes to your app or website because of your content quality. The value you provide is genuine and unique. Not only your content but your keyword optimization. The organic traffic is something you earn because of your high optimization and quality of work. There are lots of opportunities where you can ear organic traffic.  So we will discuss what are the factors you should keep an eye on to increase organic traffic on your app.

What is App Store Optimization?

The abbreviation of ASO is app store optimization. To rank your website or app, you need to SEO. But app store optimization is made for the app. It has become a part of SEO now. Through app store optimization, you optimize your app in such a way that you start getting traffic automatically without paid advertising. ASO is an essential part of mobile apps and your app success is completely dependent on the right app store optimization. Further, we will discuss, how can you do app store optimization.

How to Do App Store Optimization?

Now you have to understand what is ASOand why it is so important for your app. Now we will tell you how you can do app store optimization.

1.    Keywords Research

The keywords research should be done in a manner where you have to find keywords with high volume and low difficulty. You can use tools like ahref, semrushetc for the right keywords. Those keywords should be placed in the right order. Apart from this, you should do competition analysis and keyword optimization. Your keywords should be the query of your target audience. The rights keywords should be placed in the title and meta description.

2.    Global Reach

While developing your app, try to make it for the global audience. The functions of your app should be working globally. There should be multiple language settings, list your app in android and apple play stores, and focus group should be selected globally. Add content that can solve problems on the global level. Your app should not be limited to a particular country and everyone can utilize the benefit of your mobile apps. If you made it for people from other countries, you will get international brand awareness.

3.    Add Features

How to do features should be added within the app store. Suppose a user first time downloads your app then you have to add some features where you can tell how to use the app. Things like screenshots, short videos, and written steps can help the new users to use your app. Also, write key features of your app so that users read them and understand your vision and mission. Tell them what value you can provide and solve their problem.

4.    Reviews & Ratings

The one and last most important is reviews and ratings. You have to keep eye on your reviews ratings 24*7. Users sometimes give negative reviews so you have to reply in a positive manner. The way you reply should feel that you care for them. Your ratings play a major role in your app installations. If in case you get negative reviews, this affects badly on your ratings. So always take care of reviews and ratings. When users give feedback, implement it in your app so that you provide the desired value.


Your app business can be successful when you will give quality. The quality which attracts users. Your content is everything that can give you from 0 to millions. If you go for paid advertising, but before that, you should have a strong user base so that new users can attract and install your app. There are so many things you have to keep eye on to stay in the market. Strong keyword research, market research, and competition analysis is a major part of ASO.

While concluding, the only thing which is being focussed here is quality. Provide content that is problem-solving. Apart from this, social media, email marketing, paid advertising and some others can also help you to get traffic. But the app installation will only be done when you do proper app store optimization. We hope, this article provides you a basic understanding of ASO and how you can increase organic traffic on your mobile app.

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