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Cut Wasteful Expenses by Indulging Your Business in eFax Solutions!

The competitive industry demands to eliminate wasteful expenses to scale your business efficiently. Consumers also seek environment-friendly, cheap solutions to be inculcated in their business. Hence switching from a wasteful fax machine to eFax solution saves you money and other additional costs. Read through the below-mentioned benefits of Efax solutions:

1. Save Money

Traditional fax machines required constant maintenance and used to cost a lot of money for paper bundles and ink toners. Fax machines needed a separate fax-only phone line that connected the machine with the wall jack which was extremely costly. Additionally, the fax machine itself was very expensive. Whereas, eFax requires no physical equipment, wires, wall jack, maintenance cost, papers, and power cords to worry about. You simply need to send messages from your desktop, laptop, or mobile and you are good to go.

2. Completely Secure

Although eFax allows you to send messages over the internet, it uses secured private networks which keeps the privacy of the users intact. Hence it does not allow hackers to infiltrate into private data. Thus you can send highly confidential documents to your customers and clients. Efaxing provides you a unique number from which your messages get delivered. It can compress, encrypt, and password-protect your sensitive data.

3. Saves Time

An eFax solution boosts the productivity of your business by allowing you to send documents to clients anywhere in the world in mere seconds. Fax machines, on the other hand, are slow and temperamental and require constant maintenance. Hence through efaxing, your staff can send messages without leaving their desks.

4. Environment Friendly

Fax machines require a lot of paper which hampers the environment. Switching to paperless fax service or efaxing could save a million trees every year. Additionally, the fax machine consumes a lot of electricity and is constantly plugged in. Hence, switching to efaxing saves money on electricity costs as well.

  1. Flexible

You can anytime cancel your monthly subscriptions when you no longer require eFax solutions. Hence subscribing to it occasionally saves you a lot of bucks by paying only for the services you use. Additionally, you can also choose and subscribe to the suitable packages from a wide range of offers. Therefore efaxing can be tailored based on your business requirements.

6. Record keeping

The storage and archiving of sensitive information are made easy by switching from a fax machine or email to online fax solutions. Efaxing allows you to electronically sort documents and eliminates the need for manual sorting of huge chunks of files and folders. Documents can be damaged or lost with manual handling whereas efaxing scans and stores documents electronically.

7. Convenience

Online Faxing is significantly more convenient as incoming faxes are available immediately in your fax portal and outgoing faxes can be uploaded digitally with a single click. Additionally, eFax solutions allow you to send multiple faxes at a go which makes this technology faster and more convenient.

9. Scalability

Efaxing solutions provide easily scalable solutions that adapt to the needs of your company. You can readily expand your business, open multiple fax lines, and add various users through scalable systems. The pay-per-use model ensures that you do not have to pay an extra cent than what you have actually utilized. Whereas, traditional fax machines required onsite infrastructures, electricity connection, and much more to run smoothly.

10. Digital signatures

Online faxing is extremely secure and beneficial as it lets you apply digital signatures to any document without having to print absolutely anything.

Scale your business by redirecting your business to cost-effective and environment-friendly solutions such as efaxing and 3CX used in Canada!

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