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Ballroom Dance Lessons Are a Must For Weddings

Ballroom Dance Lessons Are a Must For Weddings

There are many dance styles that we find in action around us. On TV you can see some very exciting dance shows. Most of these dancers have started at the ground level and moved up to a professional level. To take up your first dance lesson in Houston, choose an easy type of dance.

The easiest dances to learn are the country-western dances followed by ballroom dance. Here we discuss the most popular styles of ballroom dance these days that are a must-learn for those who intend to attend a wedding or an engagement or a formal dinner/dance party:


Tango came to the USA from the streets of 18th century Buenos Aires in Argentina and Montevideo in Uruguay. It is one of the most mesmerizing ballroom dance. It has the soul of Buenos Aires and in it reflects the local folklore. Tango makes you forget all the sorrows. Once a fashionable dance with only the ex-slaves and the lower classes it is now a very popular dance at the posh clubs in the country. Due to its populist ideas, it was banned by the church after it became popular in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

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Many styles of Swing dance can be seen at the local clubs and bars throughout the country. Jitterbug is a type of swing dance that is easy to learn in a few lessons. The moves and patterns continue to evolve with time and it can be danced to the latest music. You can get creative with Jitterbug swing and create your variations once you learn it well. Lindy Hop and East & West Coast Swing are as popular as Jitterbug. Lindy Hop is rated as the big daddy of all types of Swing dances.


The smoothest of all the ballroom dancers is the Waltz. With its stretched flowing movements, coupled with regular turns and the rise and fall motion it looks very graceful. Dancers seem to be gliding across the floor without an effort. This revolving dance came out from Landler in the 18th century and was much hated by aristocracy because of the couples embracing each other. Today, it is the most popular dance for weddings and other formal parties.  


If you like the energetic dances, you will like ChaCha. This dance has Latin origins and is danced to Latin music. Dancers take walking steps forward and backward and some side steps to the left and the right. The American style ChaCha is a perfect way to start learning ballroom dance.


The American big band came together with the Cuban beats to create Rumba. This sensual Latin dance requires bending ad straightening of the legs followed by hip movements. You start slow and then move quickly or vice versa. This dance style gained immense popularity in the 20th century and continues to impress people of all ages to date. It will not take you more than a few lessons to dance Rumba with perfection when you take up ballroom dance lessons.


Foxtrot is the ideal dance for beginners as it is very simple for anyone to learn. Couples take steps backward and forward slowly and then take quick side steps. The long flowing movements of the dance make it popular. 

If you are having a wedding in Houston, look up a dance studio near you and get started with the lessons soon. 

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