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All you should know about isolation glove boxes

All you should know about isolation glove boxes

Gloveboxes are specially designed boxes with gloves. These boxes are used in any experiment or work needs to be performed under a certain controlled condition. The boxes have special in-built gloves which can be used by the user to complete their task inside the chamber. Isolation glove boxes are a bit different than the normal gloveboxes. These boxes allow you to view and control experiments in a rather controlled chamber with a different environment. These isolated boxes also have many other features than a normal glove box.

What is the difference between normal gloveboxes and isolation glove boxes?

Isolation glove boxes offer more features compared to the normal glove boxes. The isolation gloveboxes are made with stainless steel. Tungsten inert gas method is used to weld the steel chamber. The transparent portions have tempered glass or any other material which is safer than normal plastic or acrylic plastic. 

The glove box isolators come with many comfortable access ports. These boxes have features like nitrogen level and oxygen level control, moisture control and humidity control,etc for the convenience. They may also come with other additional machines like freezers, filters or vacuum pumps. All these features help the scientists and workers to handle dangerous and hazardous materials or conduct experiments easily.

There are many types of isolation glovebox available in the market. Which are-

  • Shielded isolation glove boxes

These are specially designed isolation gloveboxes for handling radioactive materials. It is used in laboratories where radioactive materials are used. Isolation glovebox is also common in the radioactive department of medicine.

  • Sterile isolation glove boxes

These gloveboxes are designed to handle toxic materials. It allows you to handle toxic things that must be sterilized to perform experiments. These glove boxes are widely used in hospitals where sterilization is a must. It is also used for fractioning things.

  • Inert atmosphere isolation glove boxes

Some materials must be contained and handled in a very restricted environment and the environment must be pure. Nitrogen or argon etc must be handled in this type of environment. Inert atmosphere isolation glove box is used in this case. These isolated gloveboxes are dishes to maintain an interview atmosphere while performing experiments and handling materials.

How does glovebox work?

The glove boxes have one or more than one transparent windows where you can see what is happening inside. They also have at least two ports that have alength gloves attached to them. Some isolation glove boxes also have glove ports in multiple of two to allow more access or more people to work at the same time. These gloves are purged properly so that no oxygen can enter the enclosed chamber through the gloves. Usually, the chamber has some inert gases like nitrogen. Some glove boxes also have inert gases like helium or argon inside them in case the materials used inside the box have chances of reacting with nitrogen. Workers can handle things inside the chamber with the gloves and also can monitor their experiments.

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