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7 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Even in the Economic Crisis

7 Digital Marketing Actions to Grow Even in the Economic Crisis

It is important that companies invest in digital marketing to grow even in the crisis. After all, in times of economic uncertainty, consumers become more discerning and tend to do more research before buying. The advantage of this investment is, therefore, to increase the number of customers regardless of the situation.

Currently, 77% of consumers search the internet, according to a Connected Life survey. So, it pays to be where the audience is. In this article, you will see:

  • what are digital marketing actions to grow even in the crisis ?;
  • what is digital marketing for ?;
  • what are the available strategies?

What are digital marketing actions to grow even in the crisis?

The actions of digital marketing to grow even in the crisis consist of strategies to publicize companies on the internet.

Although the techniques employed are the same, regardless of the moment, during a difficult period, it is possible to adapt them to the context experienced. For example, social media management can focus on posts about how to deal with the crisis and how the company can help in this situation.

What is digital marketing for?

Digital marketing actions can meet several objectives. They can serve to:

  • educating consumers about a specific market;
  • promote products and services;
  • attract new customers;
  • building public loyalty.

What strategies are available?

There are several digital marketing actions to grow even in the crisis that your company may adopt. Check it out:

1 – Content and SEO

Optimizing the content you publish on the internet is practically mandatory. By doing this, you are more likely to show your brand and solutions to customers the moment they search for issues related to your brand.

The SEO should be a continuous effort, for it is through the publication of relevant content – that appear to users – you can create an ongoing relationship and enduring with them, increasing their chances of generating leads and sales.

2- Sponsored Links

Investing in sponsored links is one of the most interesting and profitable ways to advertise your products and services. This is because you will be presenting your solution at the exact moment when your potential customer does research on the subject.

They are an interesting complement to the work of SEO, because they provide more immediate effects, in addition to a good return on investments.

3 – Social Media

Most internet users use some type of social network on a daily basis. Many companies are also present in these media. There is no point trying to swim against the current, you need to be where your customers are.

Good management of your presence on social media is important to strengthen ties with the customers you have and get in touch with a portion of your target audience that you have not yet conquered.

Social media like Facebook and Instagram offer comprehensive services for companies that want to advertise through their platforms so that entrepreneurs are able to accurately segment and reach the desired audience.

4 – Videos

One of the fastest-growing portions of users is those interested in consuming videos on platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. This digital marketing action has become so popular that even small business owners and individual entrepreneurs are able to invest in the production of high-quality videos.

5 – Affiliate Marketing

Using a network of independent content producers to promote their products is a digital marketing action with very fast and satisfactory results. The affiliate may be content sites or blogs that create content related to your product and disclose in exchange for an agreed commission.

6 – Email marketing

Email marketing is a valuable tool for cultivating relationships with your leads and customers. To work it needs to be targeted to a customer base that is really interested in your products and services. The more personalized your email marketing strategy is, the more results you can achieve.

7 – Mobile apps

Currently, users spend more time on the internet on cell phones than on computers. Therefore, those who already think about strategies for mobile marketing are ahead. Developing applications, especially those related to purchasing, is interesting because it facilitates user access to your content and products, significantly increasing your chances of selling.


There are several digital marketing actions to grow even in the crisis, many of which have low cost and a great return. It is worth investing in these strategies not only during a troubled period but always since a large part of the public is on the internet.

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