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7 Best Tips To Design Unique T-Shirts

7 Best Tips To Design Unique T-Shirts

There would the case of you walking into a store to find a t-shirt with the design that you liked and have bought it. You can now put together your own t-shirt design with all over print shirts as new avenues have opened up. 

There are some crucial things that you need to ensure that you get it right the first time whether you are choosing to make up your own t-shirt from the ready-made images or use your own designs.

The skilled designer is given a perfect opportunity in being creative with the simple to the most complex piece of clothing while creating a t-shirt design. The design of the t-shirt can be a lot less formal with a design that is usually brighter and bigger as required instead of using traditional banners or logos. The following are some steps to take in the process of creating some amazing t-shirt designs:

Get creative

You need to get creative and spend a lot of time that is required for brainstorming a wide range of styles and the looks are the first step for creating a t-shirt design. You need to avoid copying the styles or the looks that are already available for you. 

It can be a lot more difficult for you to avoid duplicating someone else through the wide range of the existing designs. It pays to do a little research into similar design styles as well as the concepts for making sure of creating something that is simply unique for this reason. 

You need to think a lot more care of the project you are undertaking including the theme, composition as well as color choices.

Involve humor

It is very important to base the image over the main characteristics of the company while creating a design for the business as this would mean less leeway in the department of creativity. 

With t-shirt design, you can add in a lot of humor to the design and a lot of scope for being funny. You need to use the jokes that simply fit the target audience as it is quite possible for using comical images.

Add details

For adding to a lot of details to the image, the t-shirt design usually gives loads of options to one. There is simply a low amount of risk to the details that are merging or appealing blurred with the bigger size. 

You need to avoid overdoing the design and this is something that you need to keep in mind. One can benefit from staying sensible while a lot of detail is good. For attracting attention and making it easier for all to remember, the finished design should be capable enough.

Have fun with color

The colorful t-shirts can be a lot of fun for the designer as it has the ability to attract the attention of many. It is quite necessary to give the color palette a lot of thought while a bright and colorful design is good. With a wide range of colored t-shirts, the design of the t-shirt should have the ability to match up well.

Preprint Preparation

It is quite worth in the creation of a few mock-ups to check on how the design will appear to be once the initial concepts are created. In any size of the t-shirt, the final design should look at its best and this is true with the sublimation printing t-shirts.


One of the most basic and the most important aspect of your design is the color. To both the color of the t-shirt as well as the color of the design, this applies a lot. To ensure that the color scheme fits with what the t-shirt you wear says, different colors carry different connotations. 

You need to keep in mind that the yellows and the whites usually carry the most positive vibrant connotations as opposed to the darker shades and this is something that needs to be kept in mind.


What does your t-shirt want to deliver? It is fairly likely that you will be having a message or design in your mind as you have gone to the extent to have a specific design of your t-shirt. In the form of text, pictures, as well as logos is how the texts should come in as. You need to take the time in considering exactly what you are looking for and what your all over print design of your t-shirt needs to say.

To suit people with strong personal views, messages are simply great. There is no harm in allowing people to know about it if you really believe in something. As long as your opinions are not that offensive that is simply great. 

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