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5 Tips to Making a Long Family Road Trip Successful

5 Tips to Making a Long Family Road Trip Successful

Road Trip… Yeeh! Every road trip sounds like a great idea until you finally hit the road and then discover that it is not as fun as you had imagined it would be. Every road trip is as good as the plan that goes into it. Some of the most successful family road trips were backed by days of meticulous planning and family travel insurance.

Over the years, the family road trip has come to be acknowledged as a sort of tradition or a rite of passage. You probably had one with your parents and you will like to experience this tradition with your kids so they too can pass it on to their children when the time comes. What you may not know is the effort and planning by your parents to make it a successful road trip for you. You can keep this family tradition alive or ruin it, it all depends on how you plan it. Thus, there is a big responsibility on you to give your kids good memories so they can pass this tradition to their children someday.

We all know that road trips can be fun. However, most people won’t tell you that it can also be challenging. We hate to be the buzzkill. However, we want you to enjoy every bit of this experience. Thus, in this article, we narrowed down 5 very important tips that will help you make your road trip very successful. Keep on reading to learn more.

5 Very Important Tips To Make Your Family Road Trip Very Successful

  1. Make a Checklist

Every good family road trip starts with a comprehensive checklist. You need to keep everyone safe, entertained, and happy as you travel to your destination. For this to happen, you need to pack the essentials and little extras to make your trip as comfortable as possible. If any item is missing on your list, it can ruin your entire road trip experience. A good rule of thumb is to plan weeks ahead. Make a list, go through your lists every day to see if anything is missing. Additionally, ask each member of the road trip to make a list of what they will need. You can then make a master list of all the items you will need for this trip. 

Some of the essential items you need to take with you include:

  • Map (paper map and digital map)
  • Games and toys
  • Car seat organizers
  • Power bank
  • First aid kit
  • Coloring and activity books
  • Energy bars
  • Water cans
  • Headphones
  • Baby food
  • Basic medications such as aspirins
  1. Assign Task To Every Member of the Road Trip

Do you want your road trip to be fun? Then make everyone feel like they are participating in the planning. Don’t just take the task of planning all by yourself. You can assign smaller tasks to the kids. Some tasks you can assign them include packing their bags. This way, they will get excited about the road trip. It also helps them to pack what they will need.

Nevertheless, always go through each task to ensure that it is done well and nothing is missing.

  1. Get the Vehicle Ready

The last thing you want is for your vehicle to develop a fault while you are in the middle of nowhere. It is a nightmare! Before you set out on a road trip, make sure to make an appointment with your automotive service technician. Your technician needs to check the tires, wiper blades, air conditioner, oil level, lights, and even the doors and windows to ensure they are in excellent working condition. You need to put your car in the best possible condition to prevent breakdowns.

You can also learn basic car maintenance skills such as how to change the tire. You can learn these skills just by watching a couple of YouTube videos. You can also ask your car technician to show you how it is done.

  1. Make a List of Fun Things To Do

Don’t wait until you are on the road to brainstorm on fun things to do. This should be done days before the family road trip. A great way to enjoy a road trip is to come up with a list of activities that involves what every member of the road trip enjoys. You can make a list of games, songs, and other things you love to do with your kids when you want to have fun. 

To ensure the kids don’t miss out on the fun, allow them to choose games, books workbooks, trinkets, and coloring supplies for the trip. 

  1. Consider Getting a Family Travel Insurance

Now that you’ve covered the fun part, let’s make sure you also protect yourself and your family while on the road. You need a family travel insurance that provides you with peace of mind you need to make this trip a successful one. A typical family travel insurance policy covers one or two adults who live at the same address, plus at least one child. Most insurance companies will allow you to add up to 8 children.

Make research, read reviews, or even ask a friend to recommend the best family travel insurance for you and your family.


When you plan your family road trip well, you will surely have fun with the people you love the most. A good trick is to keep it short. You can kill the buzz when you over-stretch it. Plan your road trip, make a list of fun things to do, put your vehicle in the best working condition, get family insurance, and you will surely enjoy spending this time with your family.


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