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3 Ways to Promote Your Fashion Brand Store with Stunning Catalogs

3 Ways to Promote Your Fashion Brand Store with Stunning Catalogs

Running a fashion brand is no cakewalk. Especially if you are in the USA, you know how many retailers are opening everyday to promote a similar clothing line in the same area, amongst the same section of audience and offering the same styles at around the same pricing if not better. So, when there is a lot of competition already, don’t you think you need to perk up the game quite a few notches so that you can stay ahead in the competition in order to attract more and more potential customers to your store? 

Well, when it comes to fashion, people prefer to have a tangible experience while buying their preferred clothing options. For that, they will be obviously visiting your store. But have you ever wondered how you are going to attract them to the store? Well, obviously you don’t have special occasions to offer lucrative discounts year long which you can promote easily locally by banners or posters. So, when you are trying to get the attention of the fashion brand store, why don’t you showcase your offerings in a semi-tangible way? That can happen if you are going for catalog printing. How can you nail the campaign for your fashion brand with the help of catalog printing? Take a look at the following points to know more.

Concept of the Look

Think about the time when you are about to launch a new clothing line and because of that, you are looking for high-quality catalog printing services. Now, for the new line of clothing, generally, there is always a certain concept that can be based on the color, theme, new style that goes with the season, patterns or prints or something that is a specialty of the designer. In any case, when you are planning to get catalogs from some reputed online printing company in your city, you need to keep that concept in mind. The catalog should sport the essence of the new clothing line you are launching. For example, you are about to launch a new range of evening gowns for Valentine’s day. The theme will be surely related to love. The colors you might stress on may be red and black. So, the catalog design should also exude the same essence of your concept for the season of love. To create the best effect, you can go for coated 100lb gloss text for the cover that will make the portrait booklet look elegant. 

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High-Quality Photographs

Your aim is to present a semi-tangible experience to your target audience. So, when you are offering your potential clients a glimpse of your new collection, make sure they are getting that kind of impression. And for that, make sure you are providing a high-quality image to the company of custom catalog printing services you are hiring. A good photographer who can offer the RAW file as well as a 320DPI image will be an asset for you and will make the work much easier for the company you are hiring. A good image will add tangible quality to the clothing that you will be showcasing with the catalog. 80lb gloss text can bring out the much needed appeal from your high quality images. 


Now, the next thing about your catalog is the layout. There are many free softwarewhich will let you design the layout of your catalogs. You can also consult with the company of online printing services you are hiring to get the perfect layout of the catalog. Make sure that the catalog you are designing is not too cluttered as that can affect the effectiveness of the catalog design and content you are adding. So, add the texts and photographsstrategically so that the catalog can maintain a visual symmetry while creating the maximum effect. In case, you are in doubts, you can get the free sample kit from the company you are hiring before you actually finalize the assignment for printing. 

So, now as you know how you can think of creating an amazing campaign for the fashion brand store of yours with effective and impressive catalogs, what are you waiting for? Place your order at a reputed store and promote your brand like a king!

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