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192 168 1 250 IP Login Step is the default IP address reserved for wireless routers and modems provided by most of the reputed brands. The users can access the admin page of Netgear device while setting it through your web browser using this IP address. This is not the one and one only standard IP address for routers. But this is one of the most used IP addresses by most of the users when setting up a new Netgear device. provides access to Wireless Range Extender, Access Point Control Panel, or Wireless access point. 

Know router IP

It is a fact that most of the people are unaware of their router IP. This is because of the reason that you need IP only in one situation, that is during the time of setting up the process carried out by the technician. This means there is no need for you to get in touch with this IP address. But, if you need to change the Wi-Fi network name (SSID), parental controls, or Wi-Fi-Password, then you need router IP You have to log in to the router to make use of navigation panel to see statistics, configure router settings, and manage data traffic.

Login page for

This may be the first question to run in your mind to access the admin page of Netgear router. You need to simply put in your browser ( to enter the login page of your admin panel. 

Here are some simple steps that help you with the process.

  • Connect the Netgear router cable with your computer. A wireless network can also be used. But make sure that your device is connected to the Wi-Fi. Experts suggest that it is good to use wired connection when making any changes to prevent the system from logging of suddenly when clicking the save button. 
  • Then, as said above, open the browser and type in the address bar. This ID will be there in the router package. If it fails, check with the router manual and the IP given on the Default Gateway is the right one. 
  • IP address will open a page where you have to give your default username and password. Enter it correctly to access the admin panel. 

Why Can’t I log in to the router?

The common reason that stops you from login to your router is the wrong username or password. Wrong IP address, connection problems, and speed can also prevent you from login to your router. The default username given for Netgear devices is ‘admin’, and the default password is ‘password’. If it fails to take you to the admin page, the first thing you can do is to reset the password.

Reset the password for

It is not a hard task to reset the password for your Netgear router ID. Just reset your modem. You can find the reset button on the bottom or back of your modem. Press this small button for around 20 seconds and your modem will get restored to the factory settings. 

Using for a new extender setup

To complete the process of an extender setup via, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the extender package and connect it to a consistent power outlet.
  • Switch on the extender, then, connect it to your PC or laptop via the provided Ethernet cable.
  • Access your internet browser and enter the IP to reach the login screen.
  • Incorporate your username and your password to gain access to the setup screen.
  • Allow a list of networks to appear, then, choose the preferred network before choosing to “continue”.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to finish the setup process successfully.

If you are unable to access the setup web page of your extender, it can be due to these reasons:

  • There is an issue with SSID as well as pre-shared key
  • The setting page of your router is not letting you configure your extender
  • The router itself has configuration issues
  • There are issues with your LAN card
  • The Wi-Fi signal isn’t working properly
  • The signal is dropping inconsistently
  • The computer device doesn’t have a proper internet connection
  • The Firewall settings are creating configuration issues
  • You have a corrupt exe file of the internet
  • The site shows other errors such as “Not proper range”, “Error 404” or “This site can’t be reached”.

With the understanding of the potential causes of setup issues, you will know when to contact professionals. Call our extender setup expert team or chat to resolve any issue that might stop you from the successful setup of your extender.

Get an expert’s assistance

Now you better know how to reset the password. But you will lose the online connection when resetting the modem. Resetting the router is entirely different from restarting your router. You will lose all the current settings, including Wi-Fi Network name, password, etc. when resetting the router. So, don’t reset your router just for fun unless if you have enough information on the process. 

It is good to get an expert’s assistance when resetting your router If you need any help, call us now. Our technical experts are ready to help you with any of the issues related to Netgear device

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