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15 Interesting Computer Facts You Didn’t Know Before

Today, most of the businesses and other operations depend upon computers. And for that people subscribe to reliable internet service plans like Wow Internet plansand rely on computers to access the web and manage daily tasks. But have you ever wondered about the capabilities and other aspects of these machines?

This guide will list all the awesome facts about computers that you might not have read before. From viruses to windows, read on to know more about those facts.

When It All Started

Have you ever wondered when was the computer invented? Well, first all the computer parts were invented in 1833. After that, the computer still wasn’t invented immediately. It took almost 120 years to invent it.

So, it was only in 1936 that the fully-functional computer came in the spotlight. Before that, nobody assembled the parts. Konrad Zeus assembled the parts and invented the computer.

The First Computer

The first computer that was ever developed was ENIAC. It was developed by John W. Mauchly and J. PresperEckert. It used decimal figures instead of binary ones to generate words. So, it was truly unique and revolutionary in that sense.

You might have a very slim and smart laptop at home. But the original computer was far from slim and smart. The ENIAC was a heavy machine that weighed around 27 tons. So, the ENIAC almost took an entire room to function normally.

Ram in the First Computer

Interestingly, the first-ever computer did not have any RAM.

Digital Currency

One of the biggest benefits of computers is that they can calculate. This means that you don’t need to keep physical money. You can simply rely on computers to let you know about the balance and savings of a person.

That is exactly what happens in the world as well. The physical money is only 10% of the total amount of the world’s money. The rest of the money just exists on the machines!

The First Hard Drive

What did the first computer disk drive look like? The first disk drive was IBM 1311. It was invented in 1953. It was huge. It allowed the users to save their data faster and more efficiently than the tape recorders. At first, it was only available for developers and a few other people. But some years later, its use was commercialized.

The Longest Word

Another interesting fact about the computer is that you can write words with the QWERTY keyboard. The shortest word that you can write with it is ‘WE.’ And the longest word that you can write it is ‘TYPEWRITER.’ Try writing on this keyboard and find out how many words can you write.

Blinking Time

Have you ever thought about how many times do you blink while watching a screen? If you think you don’t blink less than normal, then you are wrong here. While not watching a screen, you can blink about 20 times/minute. Sounds too much, right?

But interestingly, while watching a screen, you only blink 7 times/minute. This means that you blink about less than half the number of times while watching a screen. That is why watching a screen for too long causes strain on the eyes.

The Original Name of Windows

Do you know what was the original name of the ‘Windows?’ The developers didn’t think of naming the operating system ‘Windows’ originally. When the operating system was developed, the developers thought that the best name for it can be ‘Interface Manager.’ However, after some time, they didn’t find it appealing enough. Instead, they found a new name ‘Windows’ for it.

Amazon’s Original Business Plan

Amazon has become the largest e-commerce website. Amazon has also launched its online streaming service called ‘Amazon Prime Video.’ This streaming service is giving tough competition to other services like Netflix and Hulu.

But do you know what was the original plan for Amazon? The developers thought of launching it as a book store originally, nothing more than that. But later, it developed into a big online e-commerce platform.

Making the Computer Dysfunctional

No matter how sophisticated the computers might become, there are ways to brick them. You can even brick the latest version of the laptop through an easy trick. You just need to buy a ‘USB Killer.’ And by installing it on the computer, you can easily brick it.

This can be useful in cases of theft or loss. You can just brick your computer. This will prevent anyone from stealing your passwords or private data. But anybody else can also brick your computer. This can result in significant loss of data and private information.

Computers Can Assess Smiles

Computers today have become very smart. They can perform functions that not even humans can perform. One such function is to tell whether a smile is fake or not. Researchers have developed such systems that can differentiate between fake and real smiles.

Bill Gates’s Home Design

Bill Gates is a computer scientist who developed Microsoft corporation. People believe that his house was designed by something else than professional architects. Rumor has it that a Mac program was behind its creation. Interesting, right?

Spam Emails

As mentioned above, the Internet is a dangerous place. Your computer can become infected with viruses without your knowledge. The risks of attacks have become higher since the development of emails.

Emails are very useful resources to conduct business operations and stay connected. But most of them are spam. Yes, you heard it right! About 80% of the emails are spam. This means that you have to be very careful in terms of opening emails or clicking on links.


The most dangerous virus in history has to be this virus. This virus can easily create its copies. Doing so allows it to escape any kind of protective measure. After installation on your computer, it can steal your passwords. It can also slow down the systems’ functioning. You might also become unable to access the web because of this virus.

Huge Number of Viruses

The computer and the Internet are great tools to manage operations. They also allow you to socialize with your friends and family. But they are not without danger. The Internet is a hotspot for viruses and malware.

Every month, there’s an addition of about 6000 new viruses. This means that your computer is at high risk all the time. So, you need to have good antivirus protection to combat these viruses. Several reliable ISPs like WOW! offer security package at an affordable price. You can simply seek Wow customer service to inquire about it! The antivirus software can guard you against even the strongest malware out there.

Besides these 21 facts, there are many other interesting facts as well. All of these might have made you realize how far we have come in terms of technological advancements! So, how many of these interesting facts did you already know about? Let us know in the comments below.

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